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May 22, 2020

In this interview, I visit with Bill Kimball and James Wright from Cyber Defense Technologies (CDT).  If you are a veteran and in cyber, or would like to get into cyber, you will love this episode.  These guys are so full of knowledge and have very deep experience.  If you are looking for security services, penetration testing, or compliance work, this company would be a great option.  They are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and most of their team members are also veterans.  I appreciate their service and am thankful that we have guys like this defending some of our nation’s most sensitive networks.  Enjoy!

[03:56] Experiences in pen testing

[05:27] Importance in understanding compliance

[06:57] Jobs that require security clearances

[13:40] Thoughts on cybersecurity maturity model certification

[16:35] How to think about gaps in security

[18:37] Role of someone with offensive security certification like OSCP

[20:47] Importance of scripting capabilities

[23:18] On pursuing a career in cybersecurity

[25:39] Ways to prepare yourself for the future by observing trends


“If you're getting started in your career and moving towards cyber, definitely stay focused on the technology.”

“The one thing to understand about the cybersecurity industry or information security industry, is we're an enabler.”

“What’s important to teach right now in any cybersecurity classes, is the ramifications of big data and machine learning as those continue to evolve and what that is going to do to the security industry”