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May 12, 2020

There are levels in all sorts of things in life.  In Ultrarunning there are levels.  I'm a solid mid-pack ultrarunner when I'm training, and will never be at the top.  In Jiu-Jitsu there are levels.  I'm a white belt just at the beginning of my journey.  In infosec there are levels, and I consider myself a pretty strong security professional.  I can always learn more.  

I'm lucky to know people who are at the highest levels in different areas and Jorge is at the top of the game in security.  He has been playing the offensive security game for a long time and I've been watching his career as he has become an absolutely amazing professional.

He is a professional hacker, SANS instructor, published author, and project lead for the C2 Matrix.

I know you will enjoy this one.

Jorge talks about his career and how he got his start, and what he's been working on lately.  He helped me understand the difference between red teaming and purple teaming.  If you want to get ahead in infosec or technology, Jorge is a person you should pay attention to and try to emulate.

You can find more about Jorge here: