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Sep 14, 2020

On this episode of The SynAckFinAck Podcast, I welcome Lenny Chesal, at R2 Unified Technologies. Lenny and I chat about the state of the industry and how to get ahead in cyber. 

I learn something in every podcast and this one is no different.  Lenny has so much wisdom from years of experience in the field.  I had no idea he got his start thwarting drug traffickers ability to call their contacts from the hotels of South Beach! 

We also chat about the current state of the universities and how to deal with the problem of outdated curriculum, how to give back to the community, and the importance of soft skills.

Then, Lenny explains a significant problem with companies not utilizing security tools and shares about his podcast The New Normal and his involvement in various organizations, such as the Leukemia Society.


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Episode Timeline:

[00:04] Introducing Lenny Chesal + How he got into technology industry

[09:02] What should people be doing if they want to get into the technology industry?

[14:07] What would you recommend a security professional with a few years of experience in the industry to do to further their experience?

[18:36] How to avoid plateauing in your career + What to do when you don’t feel good in your position

[21:18] What do you see as the next big things in technology

[25:32] The tools are there, but people and companies are still being crushed. Trust the experts!

[29:54] Lenny shares about his podcast and his involvement in various organizations + How to get in touch with him