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Jan 27, 2020

I met Brooke Jones a few years back in the Florida Ultra Running community at the Skydive Ultramarathon where mostly insane people jump out of an airplane then run 100 miles, but that's a whole other crazy story for another time...

Brooke is an ultrarunner and was a school teacher doing well in her career and moving up quickly. Over time she was facing some burnout and decided to make a major career change. After contemplating going back to school to change careers, she settled on becoming a coder, and you can follow her coding and mountain running adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

I wanted to talk to her on the podcast because she wasn't a first or second year teacher and just decided to make a switch, she was 13 years in. That is not only a big deal, but takes some serious guts to stop what you are doing and make a big change.

We talk about how she decided on development, where she went to school, and how she landed the awesome job at UpLaunch.

If you are thinking about making a career switch or looking for your next gig, there is some great information here that is worth listening to.

I couldn't be more excited for Brooke and will continue to follow her career path. I hope you enjoy our conversation in this second episode of the SynAckFinAck Podcast. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and share with anyone who it may be a good fit for!