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Mar 30, 2022

People are finding out that moving things into the cloud isn't always the right answer.  Tom is an exceptional technologist and we discuss how to take the AI processing to the data when it may not be technically possible or feasible to push it to the cloud.  I have wanted to have him on the podcast for months and we were finally able to lock down a time to chat.  If you want to know where technology is going, this is a great episode to listen to.  Tom and his team are at the very pointy end of solving some really tough and cool compute problems. 

We didn't talk about it on this episode but whenever we catch up we usually talk about ultra endurance events and running.  Tom has been on some crazy endurance adventures that would blow your mind.  I'm saving that discussion for another podcast someday...

I always learn a ton from these podcasts and I know you will as well.  

You can find more about Tom here:

The NodeWeaver website has some great information, worth spending some time there just to see what they are up to!