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Jul 20, 2020

Nhan had an engineering background and wanted to make a bigger impact by starting a smaller company.  
Vinson got his start working at an ISP in someone's basement back when ISP's were in basements in peoples houses.
After spending time in the Northern VA tech space, they came together and founded Blue Cloak in 2015 where they build cyber test platforms for the DoD.
"Innovation Through Integration"  How do you put tools together to do cool things in the offensive space?  
Why bother doing something like war driving when you can fly a drone with all the collection and cyber attack capabilities and just land it on the building you are trying to get into?
How do you leverage technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality or Deep Fake and exploit them?
These are the types of projects that anyone coming up in tech or security would want to work on.
We talk about this stuff and what they look for when they are bringing on interns and employees.
What really important if you are trying to get in to tech?
I'm still trying to figure out how to get an internship with this team, they are working on some amazing things always.