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Feb 26, 2020

Pete has been in technology and security for over 30 years. He is currently the CISO for Cybraics, and has been CISO for some really large companies like Hertz Rental Car and Virtustream, now a DELL EMC company.

He's just got so much knowledge and there was something in there for everyone. After giving his background we have a little discussion about why the CISO is such a short lived position. One of the reasons CISOs only last 14 months.

"What should be more of a technical role and the lead security technologist ends up being the lead beggar for money. You're doing nothing but asking for money and trying to justify your projects and figuring out return on investment?"

We then chat about the technology they are working on over at Cybraics which came out of a DARPA project to do things like locate IEDs and transitioning it to security use cases, and the challenges with doing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for real:

"The language of machine learning is written in Python, and if it's artificial intelligence, it's written in PowerPoint"

Pete then drops some knowledge about what it takes to continually move up in the security game and stay relevant long term.

 "If you can't work on the business side you're going to hit a wall where you're going to be the smartest tech guy but you're going to plateau, at some salary level"

Finally we wrap up talking about some past incidents we've worked on where Pete and the team took a boat up the Miami River and hacked into kiosks at the airport, and a couple of other fun projects that he's been involved with.

If you are interested in a career in cyber, moving up in the ranks, or are a seasoned professional, I think there's something in here for you. I hope you enjoy and if so please subscribe, rate, and review. Below are links to the podcast as well as how to find Pete and Cybraics. Until the next one!


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