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Jul 7, 2020

If you are in a leadership position at a small or medium size business  grappling with what to do about your technology and you don't have a CIO or security team, you will get a lot out of this podcast. 

You will learn how to streamline your tech, improve your security, AND reduce cost.

After you listen to the podcast, you will want to check out Jess' book Hack Proof Your Business.  I read it in two short sittings and as a "seasoned" security professional, appreciated what they are sharing with business owners.  I have seen and dealt with many of the attacks discussed in the book and it is a really short read advice and the things you should be thinking about. 

We had a great conversation about how business is changing, and how business technology has changed over the years.  Jess is one of the smart guys out there who I call when I have tech questions especially as it involves migrating to the cloud.

I appreciate Jess taking the time to share his expertise with me and you!

Hit these links for more information about Jess on LinkedIn and his company Applied Innovations