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Sep 21, 2020

In this episode, I am happy to be joined by Dr. Bartley Richardson from NVIDIA to chat about GPU based data science and how to get ahead in cyber.  

I've worked in places where I've have to process ALOT of data whether it be network traffic or logs.  I've had problems with data that standard methodologies and hardware just can't scale to handle handle. 

Bartley and the team over at NVIDIA has been thinking about how to leverage the power of their platforms to solve some of these hard challenges with GPU based data science capabilities.

If you are in security operations working with large volumes of data, or architecting your platforms, you should take a look at 

"The RAPIDS suite of open source software libraries and APIs gives you the ability to execute end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs."

A GREAT place to start learning about Rapids is their page on Medium where they are always sharing great content about what they are doing.


I think you will love this episode!

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