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Jan 8, 2021

Welcome to the SynAckFinAck Podcast! Today I am having a conversation with Drew Goletz. Drew has been in E-Discovery for almost 15 years. He came in through the copy scan world. He first worked in litigation support. Then, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, scanning technology boomed and was the new thing. His career has progressed from paper to small native documents to larger files and now mobile forensics. 


During this episode, we dive into all things E-Discovery. E-Discovery explained in simplest terms is taking data and putting it into it’s simplest view. Tune in for great insights from Drew about E-Discovery, what it takes to do this type of work, recommendations for those interested in E-Discovery and how Drew sees the future of the field going forward.


In This Episode

  • How Drew and I started talking about Tech [3:02]
  • Drew’s story and how he entered the tech space [6:18]
  • Describing E-Discovery [11:40]
  • When does a company typically engage for E-Discovery services [17:50]
  • Skills people need for E-Discovery work [19:49]
  • Recommendations for college grads interested in E-Discovery [22:04]
  • Breaking into E-Discovery [22:43]
  • Working with Relativity One [27:33]
  • How Drew sees the field going forward [29:38]

Resources Mentioned

Video of the alligators we discussed while running in the everglades...


E-Discovery Reference Model

Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists

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